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Come Page! And Bring Thine Armor! Answered

So a friend and I made some awesome armor... Not so much for Halloween, more so for our homecoming football game. Our mascot happens to be a Knight named Knightro (his girlfriend's name is Glycerin)....

Both of us had....
Chest/Back Plate
Shields (mine from an aluminum disk sled - covered in fabric)
Helmets (yes, made from trash cans) - with a mane
A Cape (my friend's: gold -- mine: two tone black/gold - doubles as a homemade curtain)
Lower Leggings
Beards - grown during the entire month of October
My friend's awesome stencil work :)

I additionally had (photo right)
Full leggings with functional kneecups
Knuckle covers on my gauntlets
Pauldrons with red fringe (foamie) <-- should covers
Faulds with red fringe <-- hip covers
Sword Sheath <--- a belt going through only 1 beltloop

We were a total hit at the football game! Lots of people asked to have their picture taken with us. Other than one heckler, it was awesome - no one else's attempt was knightly as ours :p Should you end up in such a situation (taking pictures and such), let the person hold your shield or sword. It makes them look more a part of the picture as opposed to some anachronism (the irony!) with a digital camera.

And yes, I know my apartment is a mess..... That's three days of working on this armor rather than doing chores :p

For how to make such a getup... Check out rachel's howto Cardboard Armor Making

More pictures after the next home game -- with updated/improved armor. Even though I allow my knees to bend - it's not quite enough to get up stairs easily :p I also want to add spaulders (upper arm covers) and a gorget (neck armor) :D



10 years ago

mines more historically accurate but your's is still really cool


12 years ago

WOOOOOOOW! i likey :D