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Comments automatically posting to facebook without checking "post to facebook" box Answered

Anytime I post a comment, it is automatically shared with my facebook profile without the "post to facebook" box being checked.

I've even tried checking the box and then unchecking it with no luck.

I keep having to delete stuff from my facebook wall to avoid spamming everyone I'm friends with. Some days I get a little chatty.


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9 years ago

I totally understand and there's a very easy fix.

The next time something gets published to your facebook page, click the delete button, and then click the button that says don't allow future posts from here (or whatever the text says).

This will keep us for posting anything further to your wall. Coding that bit turns out to be incredibly difficult, so the "don't allow" feature on facebook is the easiest way to get that done.

You'll still be able to log in with facebook, your comments just won't be shared.