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Common power rgb leds Answered

Hello, I followed a great instructable here to make rgb led bars. It uses the ledwiz controller. I wanted to shift it over to an arduino controlling the thing. My main problem is that the leds I have is that they have one power lead, and 3 grounds to control the color. how would I get that to work with an arduino? Thanks ~penguins



8 years ago

here is an example using common anode (-) rgb leds
in your case you will do the same thing but if you are only running 1 led you won't need the amp you will just have to connect a resistor between the Arduino and each of the (-) legs of the led (make sure to use the right size resistors so you don't fry it or overload the Arduino)


10 years ago

can arduino sink power ? if yes then connect the power to 5 V and the earths to the arduino thru appropriate resistors if no then use a transistor for each color or not-gate chip