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Communication system for Race Car Answered

I am part of a low-budget auto racing team that competes in a series called ChumpCar.  We recently bought some two-way radios and are looking to get the car wired for them and also the helmets wired.

I have been looking at a number of racing supply web sites for the parts and am astonished at some of the prices.

I am wondering if there is money to be saved by making these ourselves?  And, if so, where should I start?

Here are some of the parts:


Here is an article that shows how the mic kit is installed:


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7 years ago

It seems you should be able to make your own wiring harnesses (cables/quick release plugs, push to talk switch, VOX?) . Try big electronics parts places like digi-key, jameco, mcmaster-carr. I think you might be able to salvage coiled cable and parts from less expensive microphones/communication gear. Check ebay for those kind of parts. Anyone have any old parts to spare?

Only think I am leery of is drilling a new mounting hole in the helmet and not compromising its safety. You do need to secure everything though. Good luck.


Reply 7 years ago

i think most retrofit helmet systems just hang a boom mike off the side of the helmet and fit speakers into the existing ear cavities in the helmets


Reply 7 years ago

those still typically use an externally mounted boom mic, it just loops up under the chin bar or similar

just like this bluetooth kit for a motorcycle helmet
same principle. the bluetooth receiver mounts to the outside of the helmet, the boom mic cranes around to where your mouth is and the speakers go in the ear holes in the helmet.

 the helmets that come with the radio/etc... built in are designed from the ground up to have all of these components inside of the helmet while still offering the same protection. a normal helmet isn't designed for you to remove parts of it and retain the same safety rating (you can probably drill holes and remove foam and be fine, but you'll void the warranty for sure, and it's  your brain you're protecting...silly thing to take chances with)