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Community for Artists who sell their work - lots of great features Answered

By hand is a great place for promoting your handmade items you want to sell or finding handmade items to buy. It's a social networking community that's completely free. It's brand new, only a month old, but growing fast.


As a member of ByHand you can take advantage of the following features:

+ Free listing in the artisan directory - list all the venues you sell on and your social networks in one place
+ A growing membership base
+ 5K average unique visitors a day
+ Member contests
+ Direct consumer advertising from ByHand to buyers
+ Your own blog - write your blog entry on ByHand then import it to your blogger/blogspot blog or wordpress blog - RSS for your blog posts
+ Member forums
+ Handmade wishlist - add favorites to your wishlist from seven handmade venues without ever leaving that venue and with just one click - you can also instantly import all of your etsy favorites for easy organization
+ Spotlights - fun curated, etsy treasury-like feature that you can post anywhere with clickable links
+ Window shopping - post it to your blog and see random products from spotlight submitted products
+ Clubhouse - these are like groups or teams, each with its own forum
+ Apply to be a featured artisan or for an artist interview, or both (details in links and opportunities forum)
+ Get your item featured as item of the day
+ Get additional exposure on ByHand's business page on Facebook
+ Follow ByHand on twitter
+ Get an ad free profile page and personalized urls for your profile and ByHand blog, add up to 5 RSS feeds
+ Feel good participating in a non-profit community
+ More features always being added


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

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