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Compact bubble gun mechanism? Answered

My 7yo was begging for a bubble gun, and I promised I'd 3d print him one.  To my surprise, there are very few 3d printable bubble machine designs around, and none that match what he wants.  (He wants it to have a handle and trigger like a handgun.)  So, I suppose I'll be designing one. . .

(FYI - My parts bin has plenty of fans and motors and even small liquid pumps and I am competent at 3d design. )

My challenge is that the basic rotating disk method of wetting the bubble hoops is both too bulky for a handgun-style bubble shooter, and is highly spill-able.

I see online there are numerous toy bubble guns that look like what I want and appear to be much less spill-able.  However, I can't figure out from the pictures how they work, beyond that there is a pump that sends bubble solution to above the hoop and a funnel to route the excess back into the container.  How does the bubble solution get swiped across the hoop reliably?

(And, yes, I know it would be easier and cheaper to just buy one.  That's not the point.)



3 years ago

convention is like a Revolver. Maybe make an automatic, except holes go up And Down.


3 years ago


The are some other videos you can find but it seems when you pull the trigger, it moves the bubble hoop(with rough surfaces on the ring to create a film) up across what I think is a diverter piece for the bubble solution output. It is just a flat bar which creates a curtain flow for the bubble hoop to pass through. That seems to spread out the bubble solution on the hoop without it being dipped into a bucket or really squeegeeing it on. Good luck.