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Compatible external battery to my iPhone 5 Answered

Hey guys,
I want to buy a external battery for my iphone 5, but i dont't know what brand to buy. do you have any suggestions??
Make sure if any external battery to iPhone 5?



6 years ago

Well there are a few kinds. You didn't specify. The Mophie (google it) is all in 1 and your iphone fit's into it. $80. I think you get a full charge from it but your also carrying a heavy, big, iphone around all the time.
I have an Anker Astro3. It's bigger as its a real external battery. You get 5 iphone full charges or 1 iPad full charge. It's light and you can charge it in a backpack for an hour or 2 and your good for the day. Just used it at Disneyland for me and my fam. 3 charges for 3 phones all day. (lots of photos, video, GPS for line times) $50