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Component ID from Lexmark Z22 Printer? Answered

I've just got a new printer so decided to take apart my old Lexmark Z22. Got some nice stepper motors and gears, but I have no idea what three items on the mainboard are.
I've included pics with the items circled in red. If anyone could help ID them I'd be much obliged!



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Quercus austrina
Quercus austrina

Best Answer 10 years ago

Bottom one next to the power jack is a choke (inductor) to keep the current smooth (capacitors keep voltage smooth in similar situations). It looks like the others are inductors also. If you look at the one labeled Mitsumi 331, you'll see an "L7" next to it, upper left. "L" usually stands for an inductor. You can find the PDF here, with the listing for the "331" on page 3, about 1/2 way down.

Google is your friend, even if you have to look at several pages... 3 to be exact, and the last listing at that.



10 years ago

The bottom one with the copper wire is called an inductor, this type is called a torroid I believe. The others might be ferrite shielded inductors similar to CDRH125-331.