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Compressing home made biogas Answered

Hi I'm working on a project where we are using an anaerobic digester along with a series of gas scrubbers that yields biogas containing roughly 80% methane (ch4) and 20% oxygen.

I know that this proportion of methane is well above the upper explosive limit of methane (about 15% methane by volume) but the presence of that much oxygen makes me nervous. 

Am I going to have trouble compressing this gas mixture without blowing a new hole in my head?

I am planning on compressing the purified biogas to about 20psi at between 60-80 degrees farenheight and in a respectably blast proof gas container. 

please help!

(Trying to help our planet!)



5 years ago

In addition to methane, the bio-gas produced by anaerobic digestion contains mostly carbon dioxide, less amount of Hydrogen Sulphide and other impurities. The scrubber is used to enrich methane content of bio-gas up to 95 %, in your case it may be 80%. I think that the enriched bio-gas do not contain Oxygen. The enriched gas can be compressed up to 20 MPa pressure. So, no problem in compressing to 20 psi (1 megapascal = 145.037738 pound-force/square inch (psi))


5 years ago

you won't have any problems at 20psi.