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Computer AM Radio Controlled Vehicle? Answered

So my school is planning a day for students with disabilities and I figured, heck, lets have some real fun.  So I have two very cool RC cars, each can easily do 40 - 50 mph.  One has been up to 65.  There is one problem, these kids need to be able to control them with the push of one big button.  I cant just solder some wires for the button to my RC remote so what do I do.  I figure I could still do the steering, but I want them to be able to hit the button and transmit the signal to the car to go.  It needs to be limited in power as well, normally I could just stick a large resistor on between the controller and the motor, but I have brushless motors.  These buttons are easily attached to computers and used as keystrokes so is there a way to make a w keystroke output a 25% throttle signal on a 27.255MHz (this is only one car's frequency) AM signal.  It would be nice if it could all be computer controlled so I could change settings to get them just right, and maybe control both vehicles without having to set up two completely separate systems.


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8 years ago

If you're steering; have the button signal to you - they'll not notice the difference if you're alert. It solves all the problems you consider after  "car to go."