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Computer Problem! Answered

I was using my computer and then all of a sudden it turned off!
Now won't switch on again. I have hoovered it out and I let it cool down. When I switch it on The cooling fan for the processor jumps but doesn't move, and a red light under the power symbol flashes and there is no signal being sent to the monitor. Also the fan for the psu does not move. 

Nothing on the mother board looks like it has burned out. I was only running the internet.

I am now using an old laptop

All comments welcome




Best Answer 8 years ago

Sounds like your power supply has died OR the motherboard has died. The motherboard tells the power supply to stay turned on and either it is not doing that or the circuit in the PS that keeps it turned on is shot.


8 years ago

Yes, Re-Design has it. Dead PSU, or dead Motherboard.


Answer 8 years ago

I actually just had almost the same problem. I just received a computer that was overheating, so the people got rid of it. On further inspection the PSU fan was shot. It looked like it got stopped while it was running and it got pretty bent up, to the point of not running even more. Found an old PSU of the same type from a previous "victim" and put it in. Entire thing took a half hour and now it runs good as new =D. Except i crashed it in my joy of it running, and had to reinstall and reformat the drive. Twice :(
Just for a comment, the processor ran around 81 C (topping out at 91) before i dusted it out (also helps) and replaced PSU. Now it runs around 43 C topping out at 61 with harder work. Download and runs speedfan or something similar if you want to look at the temps. also your BIOS settings might help you see your temps if it doesnt boot all the way up.