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Computer monitor help! Answered

The story is my 6 month old computer monitor is playing up and I need advice on what to do.
The ploblem arised about a week ago and has persisted til today.  When I turn the computer monitor on, instead of the usual flash of the Acer logo it repeats 18 times!  This number remains constant and is bloody irritating.  Also when the computer is on it periodically flashes no signal (when there clearly is a signal) for about a minute and then refreshes the monitor and repeats.  Even whilst I am writing this it is there.

What should I do? replace the screen or something else? HELP!?



6 years ago

I don't think it's the monitor it's most likely the operating system such as: os-x, windows vista, windows 7 etc...try reinstalling the operating system.


9 years ago

That is not a monitor problem.  Your computer is failing for some reason.  Maybe just a vid. card problem but something is resetting the monitor over and over again.