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Computer power supply $15 Answered

For sale is a Power Tronic switching power supply for a computer. One plug has been cut off I think it may have been for the power switch. The harnesses to the left have a second plug for a total of six plugs. The fan shroud is 3 3/16 high from the top of the supply its 1 1/2 high on the left and tapers to 1 on the end. Here are the ratings.
Dc output Min Max
+3.3v 0.3A 12A
+5v 2.5A 18A
+12v 0.2A 4.2A
-5v 0A 0.5A
-12v 0A 0.8A
+5VSB 0A 0.7A
I will include the power cord for free. $15


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