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Computer programming help needed Answered

 Alright so since it's cold and impossible to grow my vegetables in my garden outside, I came across The Cheap Vegetable Gardener and he gave me the idea to use an old pc and turn it into a grow box. What I wanted to do was put a webcam or a camera in there and either 

a) have it automatically take pictures every couple hours and stop when its lights out time.

b) have it "streaming" where I can check it on my computer when I'm on the go.



9 years ago

Are you going to try to grow plants and run the computer in the same box at the same time?

Also just a hint that I found out the other day.  Make your question more than 5 words long or it has to be looked at by a human and that can take up to 48 or more hours.  This question was held up at least 18 hours and ended up getting posted at the bottom of the second page where most people won't notice it.


Answer 9 years ago

 I'm going to just be growing plants in it. It's an old computer converted to a indoor growing box


Answer 9 years ago

So it's the equivilant of a metal "clay pot".  If you want to take photos of it growing you need to set up a web cam and a computer running all the time taking photos are 6 hour or so intervals.   Google interval photos.