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Computer psu problem? Answered

I have been building a computer. As my last computer died (probably my last question I asked) I thought I would build one. I required a tower PC with a gigabyte mother board with a Pentium 4 CPU. I thought I would also upgrade my OS to Mac OS X with patches to run on an Intel processor. This has worked perfectly! Until I changed the case..

I Bought a power mac G5 case from eBay, and started work on it. I made all the necessary mounts for the mother board and placed the psu at the bottom. I have been running it with only the hard drive, no DVD drives. it has been also running flawlessly until I made a bracket for the psu. My PC turns on but only lasts until the starting up of OS X and what looks like the psu cuts out. I have removed the bracket now but still no change. I then switched it on with out the hard drive and again it cut out whilst confirm no Hard drive was installed.

I don't know why it keeps cutting out?

All comments welcome

Oscar Thompson



8 years ago

Forgotten a fan somewhere ?


Answer 8 years ago

I have only two fans running at the moment, the PSU and the CPU fans. It has been them to running before.

I think that there may be something wrong with the thermostat in the PSU, the time of power it delivers decrease's if i try and start it up again but I haven't done it too much as I don't want to damage the hardware.

Thanks for the comment


Answer 8 years ago

Try blowing a hairdryer, set to COLD through the PSU ?
See if that slows the crash time down.