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Computerized Clay Castle : Art Project WITH A TWIST Answered

if u just want me to get to the point -- just read the bottom paragraph
for a detailed summary --- read the rest

i am building a clay castle for an art project, but with a twist...
This one is going to contain 2 drawers that go in and out, and a wall outlet safe style thingy on the side. it also has a tower on each side, with an elevator, and there will be a light at the top of the whole thing

THE TWIST: This castle will be motorized and controlled by an IR remote that i got from and old hp laptop that is broken and im not using anymore...

i need help making this work out in terms of making the circuits and all the other electronic stuff.

the needs:

cost effective -- so other people can do this without large expenses (will post as instructable)

minimal experience required --- for people who arent as good at electronics stuff

small and concealed -- so it can look like a boring old clay castle when closed

it would be easier to make this without all the complicated circuits that hook up to a computer -- i know how to do it with that but its too expensive and then not "small and concealed"

thats it------- please help me with this asap (i can build stuff but the electronics aspect is a lot harder and i only know the basics

VERY BASICALLY i am simply asking how to control some motors and lights with an ir remote -- (in cost effective way without a computer)



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