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Concept of the system for protection against hail tracking PV power plants Answered

Hello, I have a big request for you. Do you have something of the literature on the "Concept of the system for protection against hail tracking PV power plants" (desirable and protection from the snow; and wind). The respective literature I needed so that I could write a seminar and thus lay the course Project- power plants at the Technical University. This is literature that I found: http://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1274657 , but i need a little more information about "system protection, as well as system control and external anti-interference measures. External interference includes weather influences, such as wind, sand, rain, snow, hail, and salt damage"->this text is from the link above.

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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 4 years ago

I just did a search, here,
for patents with abstracts containing both the words "solar" and "hail", specifically:

"abst/solar and abst/hail"

This gives a handfull of patents, erm 7, meeting that criteria, and some (2 or 3) of these inventions really do have something to do with protecting solar collectors, photovolatiac or heat collectors, from hail, and other bad weather. Two of them, US4022184 and US4324947, are solar heat collectors that sort of change shape to protect themselves from bad weather.

Tried a Google image search on the phrase, "solar panel protects itself from hail", and mostly the results from that were worthless, except for one thing that caught my eye, an image on this page,


It's a design by someone who is anticipating hail. The PV panel is mounted in such a way that it can be turned completely upside down in case of hail.


4 years ago

Hmm. Isn't that why you are supposed to do your own research. The alternative is known as "cheating".