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Condom Band-Aid, Top-Down Blinds, Laser Light Show... Answered

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Dec. 6, 2007

Welcome back!

The holidays are almost upon us. To celebrate, Instructables and CRAFT Magazine are announcing the beginning of the Homemade Holidays Contest! Win a CRAFT boxed gift set, a robot holiday ornament, and other cool prizes.

Check out these cool instructables!

The World's Loudest Party Popper - The Most Portable Film Canister Cannon
A powerful pocket-sized noisemaker you can make from re-used components.
posted byKitemanonNov 14, 2007

How To Fool a Fingerprint Security System As Easy As ABC
This instruction will show you how to fool most of the fingerprint security systems out there.
posted bytycoyokenonDec 3, 2007

Personal Wicked Laser Light Show
Create your own personal laser light show with everyday objects.
posted byFathomBoy91on Dec 2, 2007
LCD Overhead Projector
Get a free LCD from a dead laptop and turn it into your own video projector.
posted bywaterppkon Dec 1, 2007
Create Your Own Top-Down Blinds
Create top-down blinds for a fraction of the cost of special order blinds!
posted byjen_higginbothamonDec 1, 2007

Win a laser cutter worth over $15,000!
Building a climbing wall at the top of the stairs
With a climbing wall in your home you'll be able to climb for 20-30 minutes every day with almost no setup time.
posted byewilhelmon Nov 30, 2007
How To Make A Ball Machine!
Have you ever wondered about how to make enormous and Wondrous Ball Machines? Now you can design and build your own!
posted byTrainman 2000on Dec 2, 2007
Strong and Tough Platform Bed DIY
Build a DIY platform bed that will last for years for $60-$90.
posted bytrzon Dec 3, 2007
Novel Use for a Condom!
There's more than one way to use a condom to stay healthy.
posted byLUCCHINAon Nov 22, 2007
How to make art
Art-making is one of the easiest and most lucrative of human activities. Learn to make it in exchange for food, shelter, sex, fame and money.
posted byrandofoon Nov 28, 2007

Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

eric - Eric


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