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Connect ESCs with RC receiver? Answered

I am trying to connect 4 ESCs with a FlySku 6 Channel Receiver. I managed to connect all four of them to the throttle channel and it works fine. However, is it possible to connect them to other channels wiht them being plugged in the throttle channel at the same time? I am making a quad-copter and I am not sure what channels to use? like I know that we need the throttle channel to change the throttle and the motor speed. but like to change the pitch, roll and yaw, we need the other channels too right?

So can anyone please guide me through it?

I am using a flycky CT6B transmitter and a 6 channel receiver.


Bam Boyrickharris

Answer 5 years ago

what if I am not using a control board? as I am using arduino UNO and I
want to connect my motors to the receiver. What would I do then?

rickharrisBam Boy

Answer 5 years ago

Then the same thing applies - Your motors are driven by the controller - in your case some kind of motor driver board controlled by your UNO. The UNO gets it's commands from the radio receiver.

No getting round this because a quad doesn't have variable pitch props, swash plates or any of the other hardware a real helicopter has to make it work.

I keep pushing this site


They really do cover all this stuff in their videos.