Connecting a Sony XB-3 Bluetooth speaker to car stereo? Answered


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Hi, first time asking a question here!

My gf's birthday is coming up and I wanted to get her something to improve the sound on the stock stereo in her beloved Mistubishi Lancer. I can get an amazing deal on a Sony Extra-Bass Bluetooth speaker, which I imagine SHOULD do the job. But before I go ahead and buy it, I've been trying to  deduce whether or not it would work. The stereo itself in the car does have Bluetooth capabilities, but I cant find any info online regarding the connection of BT speakers to a car stereo system.
Anybody know if this would work, ore have suggestions for a better idea?
I'm first to admit that I know nothing about car audio connection/installation etc, so ANY help is appreciated!
Thanks a lot in advance guys and gals



1 year ago

I was wondering about this too. Was at the drive-in last night and wanted to sit outside with my dog. I wanted to connect my Bluetooth speaker to my car to hear the movie better. Apparently you can’t. And I even downloaded a radio app on my phone but that doesn’t work either. The iPhone doesn’t pick up radio stations it just plays stations already provided in the app. It ended up being fine because a family next to me had an amazing car stereo system. But there must be a way to get the speaker to work?


1 year ago

Had the same trouble with a friends old Mitsu...
Literally everything was wired some way or the other to the radio and he wanted to keep it genuine.
But "good sound" was a must have too...
We ended up going a different route:
We left the radio alone, placed new (additional speakers) and wired them to an amp in the boot.
For the actual music part and since we prefer stuff that noone will play on a radio station we used a simple FM player with SD card that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
To get the signal not only to the original radio but also to the amp we added a tiny FM receiver (old one for headphone use) on the line in input.
Only problem was the distance between amp and player.
The signal was weak at the best of times so we opened the player up and simply doubled the lenght for the antenna.


1 year ago

Happy birthday to your girlfriend!

Are you talking about a standalone bluetooth speaker that you can connect your phone to? If so, I don't think that will connect to a car stereo. Every car stereo I have ever seen doesn't have bluetooth out capabilities. Meaning you probably won't be able to connect your bluetooth speaker to the stereo.

You would probably have better success making the car audio sound better by replacing all the speakers with higher quality aftermarket speakers.

Hope that helps!