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Connecting to x box live - Cant connect? Answered

Ive managed to set up my eldest sons x box to x box live with no problems at all but cannot get my youngest sons x box to connect. Ive put in the code for the router. Ive got a netgear router which is password protected. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do?



2 years ago

No real info, so down to guesswork again....
Did you check that each connected device uses a different IP address?
Is the address range for the router set to accept a new connection?


8 years ago

I assume its the new xbox that has wireless, have your tried just plugging in an ethernet cable directly. Also each time you try soemthing new, you may want to re-boot the xbox. They are just simple dedicated pc's in essence. Also there is a connect help guide on the xbox under settings. Look for connections and go through the motions of letting it do its detection. Most of the time the xbox will detect and fix any issues. Even if it can not fix the problem it usually tells you where in the line the problem is, then you can focus your efforts.


8 years ago

Hey there 11kj1972...

It would be great if you could give a little more information...

Are you connecting via wifi or are you plugged into your router (via ethernet cable)...

To get your eldest son's x-box working... did you change any settings on your router (i.e. set his x-box as the default DMZ) - are you connecting in the same way with both x-boxes - ethernet or wifi?

Are you actually having trouble connecting to your router or is it just the connection to x-box live?

Model of your netgear router may help.. does it support port triggering?