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Considering doing a 3D Printed 6DOF robot arm, any tips? Answered

Hello all,

I'm considering creating a medium sized 3D printed 6 DOF robot arm for Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega, likely using 28BYJ-48 5v mini stepper motors for all joints and an optional servo for the claw. Current sketches and ideas have it laid out with a rotating base, two arm segments (one rotates), and a 2 axis "wrist". Larger steppers may be used in a second iteration based on the performance of the first. (The picture is of the two arm segments.)

I want to be able to code it to the point where it can be used for 3D printing, CNC, and Laser based work, as well as accurate pick-and-place functionality. I assume my code will need to have advanced trigonometry functions to triangulate the x-y-z position and angle of the manipulator head (I already know how to do this), but I am unsure of how to get to that point from a standard g-code file (or how to read a g-code file with Arduino in the first place). Any tips or ideas that might help?


Dangerously Explosive

P.S. If you like the idea, but don't have a tip, comment anyway with what you think I should have the arm do. It's still in the design stage and I'm trying to get a feel for how popular this idea will be, as well as possible functions.


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