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Constant problems saving instructable for contest tonight. Anyone else?? Answered

I've been working for the past few hours on finishing an instructable to enter in the Make it Glow contest.  I've been having constant problems with the editor locking up and getting "Failed to save" errors all night.  Most of the time the editor sites for a while and eventually allows me to save but more then once now the editor has completely locked up and not saved a good portion of what I had done.  I'm rushing to get this knocked out but it's making it a little difficult. (I know... I probably shouldn't be trying to finish and publish last minute but there's only so much time in a day:) )

I'm just curious if anyone else is having any issues and if there's anyone with any suggestions.  THANKS!


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7 years ago

I haven't heard any complaints, but I'm curious to find out what went wrong for you!

Are you using the old or new editor? And what browser are you using? Any extensions installed?