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Constantly getting logged out by mobile site. Answered

I keep getting logged out.

I usually use my android to access instructables, but I am currently having trouble when following links. If I follow a link within the site, say, from the recent list, or in a forum topic, I get taken to the mobile version of the page (my tablet is set to always request desktop view), and logged out.

If I back-page, it *looks* like I am logged in (my avatar is in the corner), but as soon as I try and do something on the page, such as making a comment, I get asked for my log-in details again.

This doesn't happen when I follow links "built in" to the page (from the top tabs, or those at the bottom of the page), or from links to forum topics, just from links to instructables that are in the body of the page.

(Samsung Android tablet, default browser, all up to date.)


mikael bl

5 years ago

same problem and you can't see any comments or once you log in you can't post any either. Now how am I supposed to look at them on computer and see what every one is saying.


5 years ago

I've had this problem as well, though it seems to work itself out without entering any data every time for me.

What's bugging me now is the /you page, which is configured like I'm a brand new user with no posted content.