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Container explodes after being shot with rifle? What mixture? Answered

I saw this on tv. The guy was putting a mixture in a variety of objects, then backing away up to what a ppeared to be a hundred yards and shooting the container with a high velocity rifle. The explosion was large depending on how much was used. What was the mixture?



9 years ago

I don't believe either of these is the correct substance. A guy I used to work with would get this stuff at gun shows and mail order. 2 parts, mixed about 4 to 1 ratio. Inert, would do nothing when lit w/match or lighter, struck w/hammer, dropped shot w/low velocity, ie .22 or .45. Shoot with high powered rifle, and LOOK OUT! He had video of them shooting a washing machine with a 3X charge of this stuff, and it went away. I found this trying to find out what it was.


10 years ago

Im assuming, at least, this is the maker's approach at it, Armstrong's Mixture. Google it. -PKT