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Content being deleted, despite saving! Nnnoooooooo Answered

I'm on Chrome (34.0.1847.137) on a Mac (OS X 10.8). Here's what's happening:
• Editing a fairly long draft instructable, which I created last weekend. Adding pictures and text to steps. Saving religiously, despite the 3-minute Autosave.
• I start noticing that pictures are disappearing from previous steps, when I work on another step and come back. Then, realize that text edits are being removed as well. I re-add the pictures, comments, and text and begin saving even more religiously!
• Nnnooooooo! It's still deleting stuff! A lot of work is gone, and I'm pretty distressed.

Searched the forums to see if anybody else has reported this. Not really, but I find a tip about the new "History" option (https://www.instructables.com/community/horrible-bug-in-new-editor/).
• Click the "History" option while editing a step in the new editor.
• An alert appears, telling me to send in a feature request.
• Wat

Updating my browser now, in case that helps. I would REALLY love to be able to get at the history - I can cobble together previous edits to reconstruct the 'ible, much more easily than rewriting everything. I'll add an update here after restarting/updating the browser.

Thank you!



5 years ago

Please send this to service@instructables.com with as much detail as possible, including the URL of the project, your browser (and browser add-ons) and operating system, and the exact experience you had.


5 years ago

Send an email with the URL of your unpublished project, and ask them to see what they can salvage.


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks! Will do. /crosses fingers