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Contest Bug Disadvantage... Answered

I entered my  Super Pom Poms in the Toy Challenge back on Feb 6th. They are officially entered in the challenge but there isn't a Toy Challenge- Vote now! header/link on the Ible's page.

There never has been, which puts this ible at an extreme disadvantage for garnering votes.

I bring this to the forefront because I'm sure the contest gods aren't conspiring against little 'ol me and it's inevitable this must be happening to other ibles, as well.

I realize this post comes at the eleventh hour and nothing can be done about it. I've also posted this message in the "bugs" thread.

I just wanted to make sure other Members were made aware of this problem and to watch out for it on their own Instructable's contest entries. We all work really hard on our projects.  A level playing field isn't too much to ask for.


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