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Contest: Photos of Crafts/Projects/Gifts Using Ribbon Answered

What Is It?

At PrintMyRibbon.com, we are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to use ribbon. We love it when customers send in photos of the ways they have put their personalized ribbon to good use. We decided to hold a contest to see what other ideas are out there. Please submit your unique ribbon ideas in one or all of the following three categories. Multiple submissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Contest Categories:

  • Events: Submit your ideas for using ribbon creatively at an event.
  • Weddings: Send in ribbon ideas that can be used in a wedding ceremony, shower, or reception.
  • Holidays: Email us photos of your creative holiday-related ribbon ideas.

What are the Prizes?

Ribbon, of course! Each of the three categories will have three prize levels.

  • 1st Prize: One 50 Yd. Roll of
  • Personalized Ribbon (Your choice of Widths & Premium Ribbon Styles: Double Face Satin, Grosgrain, or Picot Edge)
2nd Prize: One 50 Yd. Roll of Personalized Satin Acetate Ribbon (Your Choice of Widths)
* 3rd Prize: One 100 Yd. Roll of Preprinted Ribbon (Your Choice of Printing)

How Do I Enter?

To submit your ribbon ideas, please send in a minimum of one photograph that is 500 x 500 pixels or larger. Descriptions and how-tos are encouraged but not required.
Click here to view contest page.

We want to share these ideas with everyone, so don't be surprised if your photos and ideas show up on our blog!

Click here to view contest page.


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