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Contest Entry Loading Answered

I know the new contest page is still very new, but I ran into a frustrating issue. I was looking at a contest with several hundred entries and had clicked the "load more entries" button several times before I clicked on an instructable to take a closer look. When I hit the back button to continue browsing the entries, it loaded with only the most recent entries loaded again. It's frustrating to have to reload all those extensions over again and may ultimately lead to less viewers seeing the earliest entries in a large contest.
If reloading the contest page where you left off isn't feasible, perhaps entries on contest pages could automatically open in a new window/tab.


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6 years ago

I totally second and third this entry! I was going to post the same thing! It's unfair to the people at the bottom, because it would take 10 minutes just to get to it to be able to vote! maybe pages you could click on would work better, or just have them all load automatically, with smaller icons? this is a big problem I think it makes the contests biased to those at the top