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Contest entry Answered

Dear Inscrutables team!

As a member of this forum since 2008, I am desperately waiting for my country to be listed in the valid list of participant countries mentioned on all the contest page. 

I want to share my DIYs on this forum and also to enter this sensor contest, but my country PAKISTAN is not yet listed here, rather my neighbour country INDIA is already in the list since last year upon request from Indian members.

So, I am again requesting on this forum to please add my country in the list, so many of this lovely DIY forum members form PAKISTAN may participate in those contests.

Waiting for your reply with favourable response.

Thank you all.



5 years ago

We haven't prioritized adding new countries to the list because of member requests, even though that'd be a really nice thing to do. The queue for countries is a combination of the difficulty in adapting our rules to meet the requirements of the country we'd like to add, population of the country (hence China and India getting in early), and whether the country is strategically important to Autodesk. It's been some time since we've added anyone new, so Pakistan is in good company with most of Europe and Asia and parts of South America.

Turns out, the world is a pretty big place. It's bigger when each nation requires a ton of paperwork to get them onto our contest list.


5 years ago

》This is not official advice《

The site only checks where you live if you win a prize. If you have a contact* in a legitimate country, you can give your contact's details, have the prize shipped there, then arrange with your contact to get it to you (or you could go and collect it).

*Friend, family member, business associate.