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Contest is open to entries from India, but, what about Pakistan? Answered


I like the way the "Instructables.com" has been emerged from starting with simple site to very up to date and helpful DIY guide to the obsessed DIY geeks like me. I really do appreciate the great job of the web site authors having this site evolved since!

Since, I am from Pakistan, never submitted any entry yet, just avoid to fear that my entry will be wiped away, I want to ask the "Instructables.com" authros that could I submit my entry regarding Microcontroller contest?

Is the contest entry from Pakistan is accepted here? Perhaps, the entries from our neighbor country INDIA are already accepted.
Please reply ASAP.


M. Jawed


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

7 years ago

You can post ordinary instructables without any problems. No matter what country you are from, they will not be deleted (as long as they are not spam, et ).

Unfortunately, you cannot currently enter contests.

The fuller picture from HQ is here: