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Contest question? Answered

Was looking at entering the Humana Health challenge contest with one of my older instructables.  Was wondering if my LED interactive table is to old for the contest? Friend of ours has a son with autism and saw the table, she said they have similar tables for sale for sensory seeking autistic children, but none that are interactive like this one. So I thought this would be a great thing to enter as well as my others.  If its too old, I get it - Keep things fresh, if not, am I missing something? Which with me is usually the case, often resulting in me going - oh  This should be simple for someone to answer, I'm sure its me just missing something like a date. After all it has let me enter some of my other instructables that are very recent.  Thanks in advance for the advice and or answer.  Here is the page for the instructable in question.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Nearly all of I'bles contests require "new" Instructables -- ones which have been published since the start date of the contest. Can you update your old LED interactive table? Did you modify it or improve it, perhaps? You could create a new Instructable, "copied" from the original (with attribution), but including the details of your modifications.

Dr. Pepper

8 years ago

sounds like a neat instructable!