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Contest voting on mobile? Answered

Hi all,

I did try and search for the answer to this but did not find it.  

Someone was (very kindly) attempting to vote for my project in a contest via mobile but the voting button is not there.  Or is it and I missed it completely when I looked for it myself?  Seems odd that someone would not be able to vote while looking at an Instructable on their phone especially since most folks are mobile-oriented.  If someone could clue me in, that'd be great.



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3 years ago

The vote button should be seen at the end of the Instructable you're reading when on mobile. We want readers to read the Instructable first before casting a vote! ;)

Please double check, and see if the vote button appears for you at the end of an Instructable. If it does not, let me know and I'll poke our dev team to sort it out. Thanks!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager


Reply 3 years ago

Ah. I think I see what the problem was -- I had shared the post on Facebook and in doing so there was no option to vote at the bottom as you mentioned. But once I open the post in Safari from Facebook, I see the voted box checked. It must be a viewing-in-Facebook thing.

Very much appreciate your reply, thanks!