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[Contest]Post your Favorite Spooky Halloween Food and Win a Tray – RUVAcards Answered

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve…. And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon.

So, what would you want, "Trick or Treat"? Well, it's simple. All you have to do is tell us your favorite 'Spooky Halloween Food' and you could win a customized Halloween tray to serve that delicious 'All Hallows Eve' food. You show us your trick and we treat you!

For more details about Spooky Halloween Food visit: http://ruvacards.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/post-your-favorite-spooky-halloween-food-and-win-a-tray-ruvacards/


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