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Contest:Save Houston, Recycle Ike Answered

Calling all instructables utilizing millions of cubic yards of wood mulch.

The city of Houston is sponsoring a nationwide contest to utilize the 5.6 million cubic yards of tree waste collected since Hurricane Ike hit the scene.

The city is already considering a number of ways to use the waste, including for erosion control, boiler fuel and electric generation, but the mayor said he hopes others will come forward with large-scale possibilities.

So get creative! Redesign the paradigm! Think long-term and quick to implement.

All participants must submit all information on the "Participate" page by Midnight October 31, 2008

Need a brain jolt to get the creative juices flowing?
Whet your appetite with some simple ideas from the community:

Reclaimed Wood Table
Salvage Old Barn Wood
Expandable Hydroponics System from Junk

Check out Make's coverage and the official site: Recycle Ike for more information.


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