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Hello, one of my friends is working on designing and manufacturing products related to schools, education etc. These  products are all made of PP sheets. He is also producing those sheets. Project bags, sheets, files, school bags, bookcovers form some of their product line.

A PP (Poly propilene) sheet is an environment friendly new technology which can substitute older plastics in the manufacture of lots of products.

PP can be molded into products, can be produced as wide sheets. And the material is very colourful, produced in any color you like.

My friend and his company is very willing to sponsor a new contest about products made of PP sheets. And can supply the winners' presents etc.

can someone from instructables.com contact me about this?



The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

10 years ago

Best to PM(private message button found on the profile) the Instructables staff - canida or fungus amungus. Good luck.