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Contests only open to US, UK, Canada and Australia?? Answered

I've been looking at the contests, and lately the contest in wich I can participate in has dropped to zero because of location. I live in Denmark and would really like the chance to participate and win, but for some reason all the contests are now limited to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Is there any special reason for this, or are will there be coming new open for all contests??



Best Answer 7 years ago

There is a big legal problem, that was identified by Autodesk, Instructables owners, when it was taken over. The fact is that the laws of individual countries differ greatly in the permissible rules for "competitions".

It happens that the US, UK Canadian and Aussie rules are similar enough that it was possible to clear the legal niceties easily - largely because we (I live in the UK for example) permit "competitions of pure skill" without any legal issues.

That isn't the case in other countries of Europe for example where a licence needs to be taken.

So until the rules are clarified, then competition entries from other countries are sadly not allowed.



7 years ago

In fact, it isn't even all of Canada! Enlarging on what Steve wrote so clearly, the laws in Quebec are sufficiently different from the rest of Canada that I'bles can't run a contest there either :-(


7 years ago

Thanks, this explains a lot :) unfortunately I won't be able to join the Valentins contest, I sure will make sure that I'll make better 'structables. Thanks for your time and patience!


7 years ago

In addition to Steve's answer, the official say-so from HQ is here:


... and in the mean time, you may be interested in this other news from HQ: