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Contests, what happens after and why you might have to wait a bit longer Answered

Basically after every bigger contest questions come up like:
Where did the contest go?
Closing date is long past, when do we see the winners?
And so on...

So I took the liberty to explain a few things as far as Iunderstand them.
1. The closing day is fixed, same for the internal judging here on Instructables - but the sponsor needs to view those results and confirm on the winners.
This means once the contest judging is over it will take some time for some of the contests to completed.
Some sponsors act fast, some need a bit more time, so be patient - no contest will get lost here.
For anyone who entered a contest it means you have to wait until the contest page is updated, you can still find the contest in the list of closed contests to check if there is any news posted.

2. Everyone who has entered a contest will receive an Email once the final judging is done and the winners are anounced.
Again, no contest is lost and as long as you have no Email notification the judging and final decisions are not completed.
Just be patient ;)

3. Prizes...
Although basically everything is said about it, posting can sometimes take a bit longer than you might expect.
So even you got the winning notification and confirmation the price is posted you might find some items are still delivered on horses ;)
Especially international deliveries can take several weeks, depending on their size, weight and what type of service was used.
If you are lucky you will get tracking information to estimate the arrival, but if in doubt allow enough time.

I hope this helps to ease the confusion a bit when it comes to contests.



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6 years ago

Very helpful. :)

Do you know if you have to pay for the shipping or import taxes when they ship your prize?


Reply 6 years ago

It depends on the contest and the rules you find in the fineprint.

Generally you would be responsible for all taxes or extra import fees, the shipping is usually paid in full by the sponsor.

So if in doubt check the fineprint and for international entries with high value prices also check the related import duties for your country.

I know some countries handle prices differently to purchased goods on a lower rate for taxes and import fees, if any.

Depending on the country of residency ond local laws it might be worth to contact the sponsor or whoever does the actual shipping to provide a shipping address of a friend or relative in the country where contest is held.

This way you avoid the taxes and fees and might just have to wait for them to visit you or to re-send in neutral packing as a family gift.

(not saying you should avoid the law here ;) )


Reply 6 years ago

Okay, Thanks for the information. :)