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Control a Magnet Fidget Spinner with Arduino and Electromagnets? Answered

Hello! I was wondering if it would be possible to control a magnet fidget spinner with Arduino and electromagnets. Any ideas?

The basic concept could be something like this:  Take a common 3 bladed fidget spinner and attach a magnet to each blade end. Build an Arduino contraption with a sensor that observes the spinning of the fidget. Add and electromagnet to Arduino. By repeatedly turning on and off the electromagnet with proper timing and observation you should be able to accelerate (or brake) the spinning of the fidget... right? 



2 years ago

Check for these magnetic spinner toys that let it spin until the battery goes empty.
The check for the magnetic field of the spinner and turn on a little electromagnet for a fraction of a second - enough to get the spinner from turned from the north to the south pole.
You can do the same:
Take a hall effect sensor to check when the magnet from the toy is over it.
Use this signal to activate a small electromagnet for one of the other magnets on the toy.
Activate shortly before the magnet it there and deactivate once it is right over it.
Placement and timing is the key.