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Control panel switches connections? Answered

Hello everyone I need to build a control panel with different switches so that I can control different devices or even all devices at once.  So I have already drawn a plan on what I need to do but it is just that I do not know how to wire the switches so that they can do what they are supposed to be? I need to know how to connect  everything together to have the right circuit

First when power gets into the system there is a main switch that will allow power into the whole system.

Second there is another switch that has full control over all the devices connected meaning when this switch is used all the devices connected will power on or off regardless of whether the other switches are on or off.

Then there is the panel where there are individual switches located and each individual switches controls one type of device such as light or pump.

Timer can also be used to be attached to some switch that can be used to allow some devices to power on and off about a specific time.

Intermatic sensor can as well be used to power specific devices at night.

Thanks for the help.



4 years ago

AC or DC what voltage and current ?


Answer 4 years ago

DC 12v and lower not more. Current I still don't know as it is currently running on a 1.3ah 12v battery for testing purposes but later on will be added to a battery bank.


4 years ago

I would just go with realys.
Depending on what switch you use the relay(s) will swotch the devices.


Answer 4 years ago

Okay will try relays, However I am trying to make it as small as possible and I fear that the relays will take too much space.