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Control the stepper motor through the encoder? Answered

need to control my stepper motor through the encoder. I am using the encoder of an old mouse, but there is no specification of this component.

I measured the tensions and currents of the phototransistor in the mouse circuit. And then, I I calculated the value of the resistor that will be connected at the collector of this component.

The problem is when I am testing these components (IR LED and phototransistor) on the breadboard: the voltage and current are not the same measures the mouse circuit.

My concern is damage the components.

Do have another solution?
I need to know the stepper motor position. I opted for mouse encoder, but it's something wrong.

Maybe you can help.



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5 years ago

Ususally this is done with limit switches and counting the steps...
If your measurements differ from the real mouse than it is pretty obvious that you did not use the right circuit or resistor values.
But without further detials I can only guess and poke around....