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Controller for regulating the speed and reversing the spin of AC motor at set intervals? Answered

I would like to build a roller base that requires constant spin, and intermittent reversal of spin direction. In addition, the spin speed should be controlled so I could tune in different rpms ... eg range from 10-100. I am totally new to electromechanics and I do not know where to start. Just buying a motor and connecting it to AC should not be a problem, but the additional control seems tricky..

How can I control the spin/rpm of an AC motor, and how can I reverse the spin direction at controlled intermittent times? 


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8 years ago

You don't mention the size of your motor.

A motor inverter sounds like what you need. It is a motor controller that connects to your AC line voltage, converts it to a high DC voltage, and then re-creates AC voltage to run the motor at a new frequency. These inverters commonly have different frequency (speed) setpoints, ramp up/down times, direction control, current limiting etc....

You also don't mention HOW you're going to tell the motor to change direction.

It could be as simple as a pushbutton connected to the inverter's forward/reverse inputs, or it can be as complex as a PLC controlled output going to the same forward/reverse inputs. It depends on your application, level of automation, and available funds...