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Controlling LED Strips in Parallel Answered

I'm working on a project with LED strips Namely, these ones using a LPD8806 PWM.

I'm using these because I really want the ability to assign each light individually. I was hoping I could hook up an Arduino to do the controlling.

My problem is that I need to cut the strip into smaller sections, and then use the sections in different places. I could conceivably wire each smaller section of the strip to the next in series, but it would be easier to just run separate sets of wires to each and have a parallel set up. I'm just concerned that if I do this, the Arduino may not be able to still control each light individually.

Thanks for any help! I gotz ta have my color-changing LEDs!


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8 years ago

That's right, you won't be able to control LEDs individually, but the 1st led in each strip will work, the 2nd , the 3rd etc - in synchrony.