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Convert A Road Bike Answered

Is it possible to convert a road bike to make it more touring friendly/comfortable? Changing handle bars, tires etc? I'll post a photo of my bike tomorrow.


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13 years ago

I've recently started a conversion of my Kona road bike (well, it used to be a cyclocross bike, but I slapped on some skinny rubber right after I got it), due to some recent health problems which knocked me off... and took me out of shape. I replaced the 23c tires with a set of 35c Panaracer Paselas, which I like a lot, and we've used with good results on our Santana tandem. I also used a common stem riser to bring the handlebars up a couple inches, so they're level with the seat. Now, I'm waiting for my Brooks B17 saddle to arrive, and I'm looking forward to a nice test ride after I get that installed. The good thing about all this: it's all reversible, so as I improve, I can return the bike to its original condition.