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Convert 3rd party charger to charge cordless screwdriver battery Answered

I would like to know if I can use this particular charger to charge my skil batteries.

The problem I have with the manufacture’s charger is that there is no automatic shut off or protection from trying to charge a bad battery. When you charge the battery for to long or try and charge a bad battery the manufacture’s charger burns out the chargers transformer.

My goal is to have a charger that I can just put the batteries in and forget about them until the next time I need them and then grab them out of the charger and have them ready to go.

I can disassemble the manufacture’s charger for these batteries and easily remove all of the guts. Then could I just wire the ends of the Alpha charger to the ends of the manufacture’s charger?

What do you think? Will this work?

The battery is a skil 92940 Flexcharge battery 3.6-Volt 1.0-Amp Hour Nicad.

The charger is an Alpha Power Battery Charger with the Specs:
• 3 Easy Steps to Renewable Power
1. Insert battery (batteries)
2. Select Mode: Charge,Discharge/charge,Refresh/charge, Test/charge
3. Select Rate: 200mAh,500mAh, or 700mAh
• Works with all NiCd & NiMH AA/AAA Rechargeable Batteries
• Automatically switches to trickle charge when charging is complete to ensure maximum battery capacity
• Automatically defaults to 200mA charge (the optimal setting for prolonging battery life)
• Overheat detection to protect over-charging
• Charges AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously
• Will not charge defective batteries
• Select different charging current for each channel
• Charges Battery Types: AA/AAA NiCd and NiMH
• Input Voltage for AC/DC Adapter: 100-240 VAC (works only with included AC/DC Adapter)
• Charging Current Range: 200 mAh, 500mAh, or 700mAh
• Max Charging Capacity: 3000 mAh
• When charging is complete, LCD shows capacity in mAh for each battery


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