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Convert AAA battery power to 12V jack? Answered

So I figured out a really good option for my external rumble pack I want to make, I see these Wii lightguns use X2 AAA batteries and have a micro switch that engages the internal rumble motor on the handle of the gun. The batteries are connected to a microswitch and the switch is pressed after the trigger is physically pulled. How can I convert the AAA batteries power method into an external 12V power connector for continuous use and stronger motor vibrations etc? Like I said this is my first DIY thing.

I want the AAA battery method to be converted to a stronger more capable 12V. I plan on buying some strong force feedback motors that need 12V. Eventually adding a small Solenoid too.


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3 years ago

*This is the gun I want to use, the internals seem to be perfect size and the wiring is simple. I see red and black wires. I am new to electronics. I am reading all about wire colors and stuff now. I think that taking these parts and making an external box with stronger motors and added solenoids would be great. I want to add this force feedback box onto my existing gun controllers and devise a clever way of securing it and making it universally attachable too. I know I will need to change the light gun's internals to run off of external 12V power. I just need some help on how to do this from more seasoned tinkerers.