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Convert Crayons into 2mm+ Leads Like Graphite Lead Answered


I want to recycle crayons and thought of converting them into 2mm lead or larger in diameter (since there’s only a certain thickness where crayons can be sturdy). I also thought the crayons should be mixed with something since they’re wax. I was thinking of buying a silicone mold rubber to make a mold (may make the lead bend since it’s flexible but easy to remove), a polyurethane mold rubber, or a protruder like the old fashioned way. Silicone mold rubber is expensive ($30+). I originally thought of it as a craft, but it’s too complicated for a craft.

Thank you for your time!


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

I think you have a lot of freedom in the choice of the material for the mold, because you just need something that can withstand the temperature of molten crayon, and I think that is only going to be around 50 to 70 C, about the same as paraffin, candle wax.


As I was saying, I think lots of different materials might work for the mold. Various kinds of wood might work. Also metals that are easy to machine, like aluminum and brass. Also various plastics.

It gets easier if the shape you want to cast is just a long, thin, cylinder, and if you can make that make that shape just by drilling a deep hole.

I suppose it is a little more tricky if you want the mold to break neatly apart into two symmetric halves, but I think you could make that happen by clamping two flat pieces together, and then drilling the hole with its axis in the same plane where the two flat pieces are touching. Putting a tiny, shallow groove, in both halves might help, for serve a sort of "guide hole", for the drill bit to follow.


"I also thought the crayons should be mixed with something since they’re wax."

I do not follow what you are saying about wanting to mix other materials into the melt, unless you want to change the properties of the crayon wax. Like maybe you want to make it harder, or something like that? So that in hardness it would be more like pencil matter than crayon matter.