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Convert a sink hose to filtered water dispenser Answered

I don't use the hose mounted in my sink for rinsing dishes, or anything at all... but I do drink a lot of water! What if the spray head was removed and a water filter was installed? I'd definitely use it over my bulky Pur filter that leaks. Who's up for the challenge?!? :D


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9 years ago

You don't need to go through all that to get filtered water. Just go to the home depot and buy an in-line water filter and attach it to your faucet under the sink. It will require you to attach the supply line from the angle stop to the inlet side of the filter (under the sink) and then attach a second line from the filter to the bottom of the faucet.. A no-brainer! If you want a second spout, using the hole that your sprayer goes through, you will need a single goose neck spout to replace the hose mount, and you will need to change the angle stop to one with a second outlet on it. If you have never done much plumbing this could be a lot harder to do.