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Convert a washing machine transmission to a gear reduction drive? Answered

I just completely disassembled an old washing machine. I noticed that if I could pop the transmission open and stop it from agitating it should work as a gear reduction drive that I could use for another project I'm working on. Before I get too far into this I figured I'd ask and see if what I want to do is even possible? As I understand it inside the transmission there is a gear with a rod attached kind of like the drive wheel on an old steam locomotive. It seems by either removing that entirely or maybe modifying it I should be able to get it to rotate in a single direction. Anyone with any experience know if this is even plausible?


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Best Answer 2 years ago

I guess you talk about these useless toploaders...
Yes, in theory it is possible to convert the agitator to a reduction system but:
Most of these are not actually making a full turn anyways.
Almost all that I have seen so far are not designed with round gear systems but more like lever systems.

Would be far easier to salvage a front loader for the gear reduction.
Nice pulley on the motor as well as on the drum....