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Convert motion activated prop to timed/random Answered

I've searched for weeks for an answer that doesn't require a PhD in electrical engineering and hope someone here can help. I have a motion activated Halloween prop (walk by and it talks, etc) however, it requires quite a bit of light in order to detect the motion. I'd like to either put it on a timer and/or just let it chatter randomly so that it will actually be useful. I love the phrases he uses more than  the prop itself and plan to remove it's electronics to place in a different prop. However, it's pointless if it remains quiet as we won't have him close enough to a bright light source to make him talk. Help?




8 years ago

Can you see where the sensor "photoeye" on your prop is? If you just moved it out to be more apparent does more light get to it and it gets triggered? Maybe hidden under fabric or in a tube is obscuring the amount of light it gets. Maybe putting a lens over the sensor will make it more sensitive. Without knowing the circuitry, it would be hard to adjust the sensitivity by changing components. If not, you might have to hack with a different or more sensitive sensor. Good luck.


Reply 8 years ago

The eye is set at the top-front of the cage like structure holding my critter and has nothing surrounding it that would block light. We use a lot of blue and black lights with our Halloween set up as well as ground fog so there's simply not a lot of light for it to catch. After three years of his silence, I'd like to have him go random and eliminate the need for a spotlight on him. He's not the best looking prop but his vocals are wonderful lol

I suppose we could move him closer to the front porch so he gets more light though that's not the ideal solution. Perhaps his wiring could be lengthened so just the eye is moved closer while he remains a bit more stealthy?

I'll try to dig him out of the attic and get some pics of his innards if that would help?

Oh, and thanks for the reply :)